On Night Shift

Morning! Finally, Sam has given me a login for the blog, so I can start posting stuff under my name, instead of using Sam’s account. So I am on the night shift, (10pm – to 7am) so while things are quiet, I decided to go to my office, check my emails and post a quick update.

As I mentioned on my about page, Night shifts are the most fun shifts to work, as you never know what will happen. Tonight has been no exception, as I have had to deal with a backed up shredder in the Sluice, which required Sam to come and clean up. (The smell was rank!) Then I had to go an see a distressed pupil, who had woken up from a really upsetting nightmare. It was a case of taking him into the lounge, making him a hot choc and providing reassurance and a good listening ear. I use it a lot on Josh, when he has nightmares. The hot choc relaxes him and helps him get back to sleep and talking about it get it out his system.  Meanwhile, I have been doing laundry for the Jets Unit.

The weather is crap just now, but it doesn’t bother me, as long as at some point, it stops so I can have a cigarette; that’s a bonus. (But I think there is a wee chance of that happening any time soon!)

Kyle x

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