The Llama Inn (Sims 4)

06-10-17_8-48-58 PM
Front of the Pub, taken from the main road, complete with picnic benches

I have been spending some time with Josh this evening and we have been slowly, (over the last few weeks) demolishing everything in a neighbourhood and redeveloping it as a mini version of our village.

One of the buildings we have been working on, is the local pub, based on our village pub. (using photos of the outside and floor plans from the local Council Planning Portal) The good things about The Sims is, that you can really allow your imagination go wild and design your dream home. So, that’s

06-10-17_8-40-36 PM
The Bar Area from the Pool Room. (It’s still just a bare shell in this picture)

We decided that the bar area would have a very open plan feel, with lots of tables in the main bar area with a dance floor; while along the back of the pub, will be bench seating, with tables.

06-10-17_9-31-34 PM
Games Room

The Games Room has bench seating and a large pool table and darts board.  Towards the back of the building, there are separate male and female toilets, plus there is a kitchen and stair access to the 1st floor and the cellar.

06-11-17_3-46-38 PM
Beer Cellar
06-11-17_3-55-04 PM
Beler Cellar (Laundry view) the side door leads up steps to the outside and the windows are in pits outside, just like a real cellar would be like. The cellar also has water and drainage pipes.
06-10-17_9-56-54 PM
Kitchen Pantry
06-10-17_10-20-55 PM

The Kitchen has it’s own storage room, which contains dry food, as well as the large catering fridge and freezer. The kitchen has all the usual catering equipment, as well as a large cooker and deep fat fryer. To the rear of the kitchen, is a door leading to the Boiler House.

06-11-17_12-49-20 AM
Main Bar Area
06-11-17_12-57-42 AM.png
Lounge Bar Area
06-11-17_1-37-36 AM
Boiler House, complete with a  Boiler, Hot Water Tank and a  Circuit Breaker Panel
06-11-17_1-26-19 AM
Outdoor Smoking Area
06-11-17_1-40-48 AM.png
Beer Garden taken from the smoking area
06-11-17_4-05-46 PM
Updated Main Bar Area
06-11-17_4-17-24 PM
The Bar has also been modernised and looks really  nice now!

Outside, there is a covered smoking area and a large garden, which has tables and chairs, a fountain and kids play area.


Tomorrow, Josh and I are working the upstairs of the pub, so keep an eye on this post for more screenshots!

Kyle x

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