Secrets And Lies

Sam and I have just had to deal with the aftermath, after one of the kids decided to snitch about everything bad that the other boys have done. (IE: who put glue on the loo seat and who putt a rubber frog in Jenny’s bed, as well as switching her blonde hair dye for Sam’s bottle of black hair dye – Yes Sam dyes the grays) So this caused the kids to have a massive falling out and they have been in really bad moods all afternoon. Of course, mitigating this situation took Sam and I quite a while, but Sam and I finally got the kids to snap out of it.

Of course, we had words with them all, about how it is wrong to snitch and how it is also wrong to gossip[ about other people. Now the kids are back to normal, there is the sound of laughter again.  (Except for balls hitting thee patio doors!)

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