The Strangest Thing to Stop A Nosebleed

Have you or your kids ever had a nosebleed that won’t stop? Forget pinching your nose with your thumb and forefinger and reach for the Tampons! Take a tampon and put it into the notarial that is bleeding and ask the person who’s nose is bleeding, to lean forward. The tampon will soak up the blood and help to clot the bleed. If the tampon feels heavy in the person who’s nose is bleeding, remove the tampon and replace with a clean one. As always, if the bleed is uncontrolled or lasts for over 25 minutes, attend your nearest Minor Injuries Unit, Walk In Centre or A&E Department.

I had to reach for Jenny’s Tampons this afternoon, as one of the boys was having a nosebleed, caused by (yes surprise surprise) picking his nose. (YUK! My mum used to say if you pick your nose, your brain will fall out, but this is a wee old wives tale) Actually, the tampon worked and stopped the bleed. Funnily enough, sealed Tampons (In their wrapper) are now kept in our First Aid Kits. You never know when they might be handy, for guys or gals! 🙂

One more quick tip for you, have you ever been out; shoes soaked inside and then you need to go out again, but only have 1 set of shoes? If so, place a nappy sack over your sock and insert your foot into the shoe. Now tuck the nappy sack down so you can’t see it hanging over your shoe, and you’re feet will stay nice and dry! I had to use this tip last week!

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