A Difficult Couple Of Days

It’s been a very difficult couple of days for the family, as we had revived some bad news. Josh’s Social Worker rang yesterday and told me that Josh’s real dad died, after struggling with an illness in Prison. so I put  note in the register asking him to come and see me after Registration.  (To void confusion, I am known during school hours, I am known as Mr. McLaughlin rather than Mr Smith) Anyway, I decided that the best thing to do is to send Josh home, due to his PSTD and his Migralepsy. So, I gave Jenny a ring and drove him home in the the school cars.

Things were OK until one of the other boys at home provoked him and caused him to kick off. Of course, it was up to Sam and I to pick up the pieces. Josh will be OK, as he’s getting plenty of support and loads of cuddles. In some ways he hates his dad for what he did to him, but we cannot blame him if he still feels very upset about his dad. Josh is being encouraged to talk to one of us and is getting plenty of love and support.

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