Using Restraint

We are very cautious about using restraint. We only use restraint in the following circumstances:


  • To stop the boys doing something dangerous – IE I might put my arm out in front of one of the boys, to stop them walking out in front of a car
  • We may catch one of the boys if they are falling
  • If the of the boys is fighting, we may grab hold of them, to break up the fight

The last option was used when the kids decided to have a scrap over the pool table.  Kyle and I retrained the 2 boys, thus preventing the fighting from carrying on. However, while one of the kids was struggling, Kyle got elbowed in the nose, which caused  him to have a nose bleed. (If you remember my earlier post about nosebleeds, you will remember that I use tampons when anyone has one.)

The problem was resolved quickly and the kids warned about fighting over the pool table and the consequences of doing so. (The lid will go on the pool table and no one will be able to use it for the rest of the day)

Remember: We always use restraint as a LAST RESORT, when all other methods have failed.