Beware Of the Sun!

Please be very careful outside today, as the heat from the sun is very hot. I collapsed at work this afternoon, due to the heat, as I had been working in the sun. I had sun protection on , plus a hat and my sunglasses, but this doesn’t give you much protection from the heat.

 I’d been working on fixing a jammed  a window that looks out on to the flat roof of C Block, when n I started to feel unwell. I walked across the roof and went down my ladder to go and get a drink of water from the drinking fountain, when I felt really unwell and must of blanked out. The next thing I know, I had one of the Year 6 boys crouched down beside me along with the Teacher on Playground Duty and a crowd of kids watching. The Year 6 in question, had put me into the Recovery Position, opened the top 2 buttons on my polo shirt and sent one of the other kids to get help from a teacher. (Which was the right thing to do) I was checked by Paramedics and did not need to thankfully go to A&E.

One of the lads had run up to the 4th floor of Junior House to get Kyle, while Care Staff looked out the windows of their offices at what was happening below. By this time, the big cheese had found out what was happening. (My boss Karen) I was sent home and given today and tomorrow off, so i am not sure what I am going to do,  as I don’t like sitting around and twiddling my thumbs! (However, I am still doing the Leavers and End of Term Disco with Karaoke tomorrow night – there is no getting out of that!!! ( I am singing The Stereophonics – Dekota with Kyle and Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want with Josh!

Thank you to the Year 6 Lad for coming to my rescue. I have been back over to school to thank  this particular Year 6, who gave me a massive hug. Also I have to say thank you to Maggie, who was the Teacher who looked after me until help came and thank you to Sister Bev, who came down from Sick Bay and to all the kids and staff who were worried about me.

From now on, I will not spend as much time in the blistering hot sun, neither will I forget to keep a cold drink with me, when working for prolonged periods outside. The bottom line is, I am OK and I will live!