Parents Visit

My parents have come down to see me, Sam and the kids. Mum and Dad have not been down for a while and it is nice to have them here, so we can have a good catch up. Mum has been down several times, but this is the 1st time my Dad has been to the house; as he has not been so well with his heart.

My Parents – Angus and Jackie Mcloughlin in our Garden

The kids were very pleased to see them, when Sam went to pick my Mum and Dad from the airport.  As most Grandparents do, Mum and Dad bought down loads of goodies for the kids, which they were so pleased about. I took them over to school this morning and gave them a tour of Junior House, so they could see where I work. Of course, the Borders (those who were not out on activities) were more than happy to show off where they live and my Dad was “drooling” over the Model Railway.

We are having a laid back afternoon and I made a traditional Scottish dish for Lunch, which the kids loved. (I made Stovies, which is is a Scottish dish based on potatoes and meat. Recipes and ingredients vary widely, but the dish always contains potatoes, onions, other vegetables, sausages, roast beef, minced beef or other meat.)

I wish I didn’t have to work 3 – 10, but at least I got tomorrow off and then I am on Earlies all next week, so at least I can spend more time during the day with my parents and the family.

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