Emotional Strain

In this line of work, I often have to deal with the kids emotional needs. This can be the kids at home of the kids at work. The types of problems I deal with can often be about bullying, homesickness, mental health, school or peer issues. Making time for the kids is important, to reassure them and work through their issues.

One of the hardest issues I have to deal with when the kids talk to me about abuse. Some of the kids Sam and I look after, have been through serious abuse, have been neglected, physically and at times sexually abused.  I obviously cannot go into who was involved and what happened, but it does really upset me when the kids talk about what they have been through and it is often difficult for me not to show my emotions. I am a very strongly against abusing of kids and if it was up to me, abusers would be hung drawn and quartered. It angers me that anyone could hurt a child and that there are so many kids who have been abused, which I hate. I strongly believe that more needs to be done to protect kids , with more early intervention to prevent and protect. Yes, this evening I had a good cry and had a good natter with Sam, but crying is natural and often is a good thing. However, Sam and I will probably deal with many more emotionally wrecked kids, because that’s the sort of kids we are specially trained to look after.

Rant over 🙂

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