New(ish) Laundry Machines!

Today, I bagged me a bargain! Our school is replacing the equipment in the Laundry with more updated equipment. So, that meant 4 Miele Washing Machines and 4 Miele Dryers were heading for the scrap heap.  My very old Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine packed up last night, after over 15 years  of service and my dryer does not dry properly anymore, plus I could do with a 2nd washing machine and a 2nd dryer.  As I saw the van, delivering the new machines,  I had an idea. I ran round the exterior of the building, used my pass to open the main doors and made a beeline for the Head’s Office. I explained that I needed a new washing machine and dryer and then I had a 2nd idea.

I live with 7 other people, (If you include my mum who lives in the Annex) which generates a lot of laundry, so I offered to buy 2 of the old washing machines and 2 dryers off the school. I was asked how much I was offering to pay, so I offered £800 for all 4 machines. The Head said that was too much for me to pay, so I bartered and agreed to pay £500 for the both. So, while Karen went to stop the men taking too many machines, I nipped home and got my cheque book. The delivery men even took the machines to my house, where I have now connected them up in my Laundry Room.

These new machines are great, the have better cycles and more options. (IE: I can add starch to the wash if needed (Does anyone still use starch???) or I can change the time the  machine soaks the wash and it has it’s own dosing hoses which means that I don’t need washing powder, just a 5L bottle of detergent and a 5L bottle of Softener , which is automatically pumped into the machine, by pumps fitted on the wall behind the machine.

Talk about a bargain and I even got my old machines taken away for free!