Movie Night

Tonight, I was on Acorns Unit, which is where our Year 10s and Year 11s board and  (volunteering my time, as I was on a 7 – 3 shift earlier, so did some unpaid overtime) enjoyed Movie Night with the boys. We decided to watch Kingsmen: The Secret Service;  (In case you did not know, our Boarders are Special Needs, with some behavioral problems; so they live on site all year round.)

The movie is about the recruitment and training of the next special Service Agent, who will stop Valentine from activating a chip, which will cause mass extinction of man from Earth. The chosen Agent, (Eggsy) ends up in a mass battle with Valentine’s henchmen and soon gets stuck. He asks Merlin to activate the mind control chips, leading to Valentine’s henchmen having their heads blow off (Done to the tune of Land Of Hope And Glory!) The death of Valentine, stops the signal to a satellite, which in turn; would activate the chips in the millions of people who have had it implanted in them.

I made sure that the kids had treats, (as it was movie night) so we had crisps, cola and popcorn. (Sweet and salty, which the Boarders helped me prepare; in the unit kitchen) Normally Cola is banned from school property, but on special occasions and on nights like movie night, I bend the rules a little. 🙂

By the way, for those that have not seen Kingsmen: The Secret Service, where have you been hiding!!? One of the best scenes is the “head exploding scene” , trhe scene where Eggsy knicks a car and also the pub fight scene, which is very funny. “Manners Makith Man”

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