George’s Marvelous Medicine is not to marvelous!!

If your a parent, I am sure that you have at some point introduced the wonderful world of Roald Dahl and some of the most loved children’s stories; such as The Twits, Matilda and Fantastic Mr Fox. Recently, I have been reading George’s Marvelous Medicine to the younger boys. The book is about a boy called George, who makes up a magic medicine for his Grandma, which makes her grow to the size of the house. The next day, George’s dad gets George to make the magic medicine again, but this time it causes his greedy Grandma to use the medicine again and causes her to shrink so much, she vanishes, much to the despair of Georges Mum and Dad, who later accepts that she was becoming a nuisance anyway.

I let Kyrylo use my en-suite because due to a clog in the toilet, there was a backlog of people wanting to use the bathroom (Knowing they are not allowed to use the bath on the 2nd floor; as that is for the older boys. I only turned my back for 45 seconds, as I needed to go and get a towel for one of the other boys, to find Kyrlo had decided to switch on the spa bath and tip the contents of every shampoo bottle and every bottle of bubble bath into his bath water. This caused foam to go all over the bathroom and make a right mess! Of course, a cleaning veteran like me had no issues dealing with it, as I I used the wet and dry to suck up the water that overflowed and also the foam.

When reading the next chapter, I warned the boys not to try to make George’s Marvelous Medicine, as it could be dangerous and will make one mega mess! Kyle’s mum and dad thought it was funny, when I walked out the bathroom covered in foam!

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