Bubble Bubble Kids In Trouble!

So, my lot have managed to get themselves grounded, after flooding my kitchen; over the weekend. Someone (and no one at present has owned up to it) allowed the bath to overflow last night, causing the water to flood the bathroom floor, which then caused a bit of the kitchen ceiling to collapse, sending water all over the the floor, the worktops and the walls. The numpty who left the bath to overflow have decided they will kept their mouth shut and no one will own up, which means the boys are in the worse trouble yet!


As no one seems to want to own up to who deliberately left the bathroom to flood, the kids are now GROUNDED, with no TV and all trips cancelled. The mess caused will take a over a week to clean up and repair the damage to the kitchen and the bathroom.  For the time being, the 1st floor bathroom is  out of bounds,  due to the flood damage, so the boys are having to share the 2nd floor bathroom. I have workmen fixing the mess and the insurance is paying for the repairs.  (Which when someone owns up, will be deducted from pocket money until the mess is cleaned up.)

So until someone owns up, the kids will have to amuse themselves. I have been fostering for years and I have never had to deal with such disrespect for the house or the other people living here. I also have never had to enforce such a strict punishment, but I suppose it is “tough love”, because it will teach the kids that when they do something wrong, they should own up, instead of being found out.

It’s going to take a few days to fix the mess made and I will get to the bottom of who was responsible for the flood. Until then, Kyle Jenny and I will let the kids stew. At some point, the person responsible will come forward and when they do,  the person(s) will remain grounded and pay for damages. (Which includes having the electrics checked above the kitchen ceiling, which also includes the fire alarm system and the bathroom floor and the kitchen ceiling repaired.)

Kyrylo is the only one of the boys currently not grounded and excluded from punishment, as he was asleep on the sofa in the study, so I can vouch that he had nothing to do with the flood.