Karaoke Kapers (With a touch of of Black Velvet)

I have got to admit, Saturday night was the best night I have ever had as a DJ! Not only did we have some fantastic singers, but everyone got up and started dancing and joining in, as you can see in the below video, taken by one of the Punters! (A few of them got together and were singing Alanah Miles – Black Velvet)

It just goes to say, “karaoke is not about if you can sing or not, it’s about having fun and making an arse of yourself in the process!” (As you will see, around a minute into the video!) The Punters were, however, quite rat-arsed by 11:30, as Karaoke, went very very camp, but the 80s tracks being sung were brilliant and had everyone dancing and singing and the landlady dancing on the bar!)

I love the pub I DJ in, it has great customers, friendly staff and a landlady who is mad as a hatter, but you gotta love her really!

Thank you to everyone who made Saturday night so epic, let’s hope we can do the same this weekend!



Blast from the Past – Kyle's Mom Is A Stupid Bitch in D Minor

As a joke, someone posted Kyle’s Mom is a Stupid Bitch in D Minor on my Facebook wall. Of course, I was not offended, neither was Sam! (We found it quite funny) The best part was that it made my mum laugh, even though she is not fat stupid or a bitch.!

At least they are here on holiday and not having to deal with the amount of snow that has crippled Scotland!

If you watch the below vid, please beware of the strong language used throughout.

Sorry For The Lack Of Posts…

Sam and I are sorry for the lack of posts recently. We have both been really really busy at work and with the family, so we have not had a chance to show our faces! Christmas was very busy as ever and we had my Parents down to spend it with Sam, myself and the kids. On top of this, very late on Christmas Eve, we had a extra arrival. (No Not Santa, he came much later in the night!)

We had an emergency come in, in the form of a 13 year old lad called Abu. Abu is originally from Crimea, which is the same place Kyrlo is from originally. (For those of you who do not know, Kyrlo is our youngest son, we adopted a while back) Anyway, there are legal reasons I cannot go into, why Abu cannot be deported like his parents are going to be. (They are currently in detention in a Immigration Centre) However, Social Services have managed to twist HM Immigration’s arm on health grounds, to give Abu leave in the UK. It means he will be separated from his family, but as I said before, there are reasons I cannot go into for this.

Sam and I got some wonderful gifts this year. I got a new Kilt from Linda and smellies from the kids. Sam got me new car seat covers for the car and a really nice ring, which he had engraved for me. I got Sam a dustpan and brush as a joke, as well as smellies, new steel toecapped boots, a new tablet, plus new bike leathers. He got tons of chocolate off the kids as well. The kids has all sorts of gizmos, from drones, to new Ninteno Switch consoles, DVDs and wonzies! Course, for Linda and my parents,gift vouchers were the way to go, as they can spend them on what they want! Oh and not forgetting Sox…. He got a huge memory foam cushion, which he loves and enjoys stretching out on it in front of the open fire.

On New Year’s eve, we joined the Boarders for a massive NYE bash, which Sam organized, with fireworks being let off at midnight, from the field. We’re both back at work again now and the new term starts next week. Shame Sam and I both have the awful cod going about. It’s not nice!

Anyway, from myself, Sam and our family, we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2018! (We’ll try not to leave it as long before posting, just in case you wanted to make sure we are still alive!)