Well that didn’t take long…

3 of our  Gas Boilers

So with the end of April almost here and my birthday around the corner, it was time to switch the boilers off for the summer. 2 of the heating boilers, (We have 4 heating boilers for the main school buildings and 2 for J Block) are shut down at the end of April, until (usually) mid-September. However, I normally leave the 2 heating boilers for J Block switched on,  until the end of may, due to the evenings being rather chilly.

However, the day I switch off the heating always causes problems, as I have Teachers and Teaching Assistants go up in arms because the heating is switched off. Our head,  (Karen) got bombarded with staff complaints at lunchtime, even though an email had been sent to all staff, stating the heating was being switched off, but I am leaving 2 of the main school boilers lit, just in-case the weather turned colder and that the Residential Block (Junior House) boilers would also remain lit and would still have heat for 2 hours every morning and every evening.

I also made it quite clear that I would also be monitoring the weather and the decision to switch the heating back on, would be dependant on the weather.  I wish they would stop moaning, it has been a really nice day today and certainly not warm enough for the heating. Granted, this evening it has got rather chilly, so I have put mine on at home.  Also, over at the school, I have switched on the underfloor heating in the Sports Hall, as the borders are using it this evening.

Hot water is supplied through massive water tanks, which are gas-fired and are separate to the heating boilers.

Often, I wonder if the Teachers have nothing better to do than complain! I don’t see admin or care staff complaining though, they seemed alright with it! 🙂


Blocked Drains and Leaking Water Mains

So it started with an emergency call out to D Block to backed up toilets. The plunger didn’t sort the problem so got my drain rods n rodded the drains. I hit a blockage I was unable to pull up and out, so I called Dynorod who used better tools than I had, plus a camera. We found out the drains are collapsing and further down the pipe, erosion has caused rust which catches stuff as it passes down the pipe. (I will let your imagination work that one out) Dynorod cleared the pipe so the loos now flush and don’t back up!

Later, I got a call regarding a water leak in the canteen. Water was coming up through the floor in the kitchen. I attended and tried to turn off the water at the stopcock but it was well and truly jammed! WD40, a pair of mole grips and a hammer didn’t solve this problem, so I had to phone the water board to come and switch it off at their stop valve in the loading Bay.  Sadly I could not get to it as it was buried under a load of soil and we do not have the special key to turn the valve. After the water was shut off, I went to the supermarket for bottles of water for the kitchen. I then had to remove metal units from the floor and dig a bit to expose the pipe to repair it. I’ve filled the hole and fixed the lino. Thankfully the leak was in the washup area and not the main kitchen!!  After that, I got my wet and dry up and sucked up the water, which had flooded the floor.

I’ve been told that the floor does not need digging up, they can use a flexible liner of some sort and a balloon. Sounds a bit dodgy to me, though if the floor in D block does have to come up it will cause chaos, thanks to that awful substance called ASBESTOS!!!! The floor tiles contain it and are currently safe as they are not disturbed. (In the changing rooms) it could see D block shut for over a week, which means closing the swimming pool while the changing rooms have the asbestos removed. That will not be cheap and could cause problems.