Sam and I celebrate 5 years of Marriage!


Sam and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and of course, we had a party to celebrate. Sam did his usual Friday Night Disco and Karaoke in the Sports Hall, but it was no ordinary party. Btw, Sam and I have been together a lot longer than just the time we have been married. We’ve actually been together since 2007, which is over TEN YEARS now.

Lets wind back to the beginning of the day, when I walked into my office and found a big bunch of roses on my desk, when I came into work. There was no doubt who had left roses on my desk btw! Sam also got a surprise in the Internal Post, as I had paid to have proper photos taken of me and the kids and had it put in a album for Sam. His present arrived on Thurs, so I quickly gift wrapped it and put it in his pigeon hole in the post room.

As most of you know, I do a Waking Night Shift and a Late \ Sleep in Shift on the Jets Unit on alternate Fridays. Last night I was on Late \ Sleep in. My afternoon was going well, the kids had all signed out for activities and I remained on unit, with the kids who were doing art. (I did not know they were making banners for the party and I had no idea Sam was planning something special)

By 5pm, everything was too quiet. The kids, the staff had disappeared. Every last one of them had vanished and the unit was far too quiet. I thought that the other members of staff had taken them over to the playground to ride bikes, so I got on with paperwork for a bit. The kids came back got changed and vanished again. It was now 6.45, so I thought “ah, they are over in the sports hall.” So I left the unit and went over.

I had no idea that a surprise party, with food has been organised and was shocked when I walked in the sports hall. Of course there was a massive applause when I walked in the hall and I also had no idea that half the school staff had also turned up for a party I had no idea about. The kids banners hung on the balcony to the Sports Hall and Sam and the kids were dressed up.

Sam and I got up on karaoke and sung to each other. Sam sung Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jenifer Warnes and I sang Amazed by Lonestar to Sam. There was a lot of very good singers and we even managed to get the Head up singing! (She wasn’t bad actually!) Sam and I also had a slow dance and a smooch, dancing to Zazoo – Only You. (which was our first dance at our Wedding Reception) Yazzoo was Vince Clark from Depeche Mode and Alison Moyet, who was known back then by her nickname, “Big Alf” due to her weight problem, in the 1980s. In 1983, the track was also covered by The Flying Picketts. This track got to No.1 in the UK Charts, for Christmas.

Talking of which,  5 years ago, we had our wedding Reception in the Sports Hall and most of the school staff and the kids came to that too.

I managed to sleep really well, after a evening that was so magical and thanks to Sam, our kids, the boarders and staff, we had a really special evening. Tonight, we are going out for a family meal. I’ve just finished a early shift, which is normal, when I do a sleep in. (So my work rota worked in my favor.) At breakfast this morning, I thanked the boarders and staff, for giving me a Wedding Anniversary I will never forget!