Kingsman: The School Service!

I had to go to the hall to grab a Year 8, who’s Social Worker had come to see him and got to watch a act for the School Show. (It’s almost a month now until the end of term and the School End Of Term Fanale!) Some of the Year 10s are re-enacting a Scene from Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. They are re-enacting the scene where Merlin is stood on a landmine and has to give his own life to save Eggsy and Harry, by singing Country Roads, before blowing himself up.

In the version Yr 10s are re-enacting, no one gets hurt and the explosion is replaced with a “thunder flash” which will produce a big flash and a puff of white smoke. One of our Year 10s (who is Scottish, is playing Merlin, another Year 10 who is a uncanny look alike, is playing Eggsy, a Year 10 plays Harry Heart, while 5 Year 9s are playing the guards, (using black water pistols instead of guns) Poppy Adams is being  played by our Head Teacher Karen. (She said she has always wanted to play a ruthless villein!) Finally the backing Vocals to Country Roads are being provided by the school choir.

Sam has managed to create a very good replica of the sound track with his Tyros Keyboard, (trumpets and all) For the part with the spray, we are using a can deodorant that has been painted black and is used to spray the landmine and Eggys foot. Poppy will be sat at the side of the stage when she is called on the radio. Finally, instead of a headbutt, Merlin will push the guard that gets too close. It’s my fault the lads on Oaks and Acorns got into the Kingsmen films, as a we watched Kingsmen: The Secret Service, one night, when I was working a late shift on their unit.

If you have no idea what I am on about, watch the below clip. Btw, with most of our unit at rehearsals, this has been the 1st time in ages, it has been quiet enough for me to post  while on one of the units! 🙂