Pissed Off Is a Understatement!

Sam and I have had to remove most of the content from the Blog for now, due to someone using our identities and information about our work and our family. Odiously, Sam and I are very concerned about this and have taken the decision to remove the content from the website and review what information we post.

Stealing someone’s Identity and basically fabricating a life, from information posted on this website is sick and twisted. Who ever is responsible has used this information to cause upset and distress to others. Thankfully, we were told about this and Sam and I both want to thank the person who alerted us to this situation. If we hadn’t, this person would still be at it. Thankfully, he’s been caught out and with us removing the content on the website, will hopefully prevent something like this happening again.

Sam and I are shocked that there are nasty people out there on the world wide web, who only want to cause trouble. This has really upset both of us and we hope that we will not have any further problems from this person.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Kyle x