Microwave Fires Are No Joke

Microwaves can be brilliant for reheating food, but they can have a very affect, if a fire takes hold. This evening, Kyle had put a steamed pudding in the microwave and was mithered by Josh, as he was going on about going to a sleep over, we had already said he can’t attend. (Due to various reasons I can’t go into) So, Kyle put 30 mins, instead of 30 seconds on the microwave. Then he got distracted again, as he was paged for work. So, he didn’t know the food was burning.

It wasn’t until I took plates out to the kitchen, that I spotted smoke billowing from the microwave. So I went into emergency mode straight away, set off the fire alarm and then operated the kitchen emergency stop. I switched on the cooker hood and then opened the door and attacked the flames with a C02 Fire Extinguisher, while Jenny called the Fire Brigade. Thankfully, by the time they got to us, I had put the fire out.

So here is what you should do if your microwave catches fire:

  • First alert everyone else in the house, shout FIRE!
  • Make sure your kitchen door is shut, (if practical)
  • Cut the power, by switching off the microwave at the mains socket. If you cannot reach the mains socket, turn the power off at the fuse box. This will suffocate the fire.
  • If the fire is small and you can contain it, follow the below instructions. If not, get out the house and call 999.
  • If you have a cooker hood, switch it on full or open the window, to let the smoke out.
  • Carefully open the door, but do so standing at the side of microwave, so you do not get hit by the smoke.
  • Use a Fire Blanket or a C02 Fire Extinguisher to smother the fire.
  • Do not touch the microwave until it has fully cooled down.