The Long and Winding Road

Yesterday, I found out that our Head, Karen is retiring at the end of term, after 40 years in Education. Karen is a formidable woman and turned our school around. When she arrived, we were in Special Measures, there was very little support for staff from our Leadership Team and parts of the school were falling apart. Karen got stuck in with turning our school around, getting fantastic GCSE results, she kicked the Senior Leadership Team up the bum and put them back in her place.

Of course, staff and pupils are very sad to hear this news, as Karen has been a great Headteacher, a great friend to the staff and a wonderful boss to work for. She’s deffo going to be missed and she has left a legacy at school, where her hard work will continue for future generations. Of course, we will be planning something for the end of term show and we will give Karen a send off like no other, showing how much we appreciate her and the hard work she has done at school.

In other news, Toby is recovering well after his transplant, which he had 2 years ago now. He’s finally strong enough to stand up and walk. (though he can’t walk far) The other kids are well too and Kyle and I are working hard at school, especially during Covid. I am planning to also put some tutorials on here, in various tasks, such as cleaning and health and safety, so keep your eyes on this site for that.