A Guide to Fire Alarm Testing

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires that all businesses, blocks of flats and public buildings, (that have a fire alarm system) to be tested on a weekly basis. This to make sure that all the components are working properly.

For this, you will need to have your Fire Alarm Log Book at hand, to record the test, the date and the time the date the test was carried out and competent the person who has carried out the test. You will also need the key \ or the password for your Fire Alarm Panel and the test key for your Fire Alarm Call Points. If your alarm is connected to a ARC, (Alarm Receiving Centre) you will need to call them, to inform them of the test. Don’t forget to ring them back after the test has been conducted.

So lets perform the test.

  • Make sure everyone in the building is aware of the fire alarm test. We do ours at 8.45, every Wednesday morning, for the main school and 9am for the Residential Block. I use our Telephone System to make a PA Announcement, informing everyone that a fire alarm test is about to be carried out. I then make another announcement, once I have completed the test.
  • Put the key into the alarm panel and turn it, to activate Level 2 Access. (If not, you will need the password, to access Level 2 Mode.
  • Go to a Manual Call Point and insert the key into the hole at the bottom. This will drop the glass slightly and sound the alarm. (You need to do a different Call Point each week)
  • Go back to the Fire Alarm Panel and press Silence, followed by Reset.
  • While the panel is still in Level 2, press the evacuate button and make sure the sounders \ bells are activated.
  • Press the silence button, followed by reset.
  • Document the test results in the Fire Alarm Log Book
  • Turn and remove the key from the panel. (If appropriate)
  • Contact the ARC and inform them that you have completed the test. (If appropriate)

And that’s how a Fire Alarm Test is carried out 🙂