Football is Coming Home!!!!

Yesterday, the atmosphere at school was electric; as we cheered on England, as they played Denmark last night. Sam and I organised a BBQ for the Boarders on all units and we got the bouncy castles out from storage. We put up gazebos, (3 of them our ours) I had a gazebo with Sam’s Disco Kit and played music through it. Of course, we had to play Football’s Coming Home (Southgate you’re the one) 3 Lions, Vindaloo, and Meat Pie Sausage Roll (Come on England give us a goal) Course, I had the kids and staff singing along.

So at 8pm and we all went to the Sports Hall to watch the match. We could not believe it when Denmark scored, as we all thought England were finished. Then we scored, making us level with the Danes. it was a nerve wracking match, which had us all on the edges of our seats.

Finally England scored again in extra time and the whole sports hall erupted! I think it was that loud, that the cheer probably could be heard from the carpark! The kids went mental, the staff went mental and Sam and I went mental! This is the 1st time that England got to the finals of the Euros \ World Cup and we have the chance to really bring football home, next week. Hopefully England will win. Imagine that, I think the whole country will erupt if that happens!

I ended up helping to get boarders off to bed and then helped Sam clean up the sports hall after. I didn’t get home until 11:45 last night and was knackered. I am on Care this afternoon and am working on the Jets Unit, on a late shift.

Time to disappear for Handover, so enjoy the sun and keep them fingers crossed for England!