Parents Visit

My parents have come down to see me, Sam and the kids. Mum and Dad have not been down for a while and it is nice to have them here, so we can have a good catch up. Mum has been down several times, but this is the 1st time my Dad has been to the house; as he has not been so well with his heart.

My Parents – Angus and Jackie Mcloughlin in our Garden

The kids were very pleased to see them, when Sam went to pick my Mum and Dad from the airport.  As most Grandparents do, Mum and Dad bought down loads of goodies for the kids, which they were so pleased about. I took them over to school this morning and gave them a tour of Junior House, so they could see where I work. Of course, the Borders (those who were not out on activities) were more than happy to show off where they live and my Dad was “drooling” over the Model Railway.

We are having a laid back afternoon and I made a traditional Scottish dish for Lunch, which the kids loved. (I made Stovies, which is is a Scottish dish based on potatoes and meat. Recipes and ingredients vary widely, but the dish always contains potatoes, onions, other vegetables, sausages, roast beef, minced beef or other meat.)

I wish I didn’t have to work 3 – 10, but at least I got tomorrow off and then I am on Earlies all next week, so at least I can spend more time during the day with my parents and the family.

The Strangest Thing to Stop A Nosebleed

Have you or your kids ever had a nosebleed that won’t stop? Forget pinching your nose with your thumb and forefinger and reach for the Tampons! Take a tampon and put it into the notarial that is bleeding and ask the person who’s nose is bleeding, to lean forward. The tampon will soak up the blood and help to clot the bleed. If the tampon feels heavy in the person who’s nose is bleeding, remove the tampon and replace with a clean one. As always, if the bleed is uncontrolled or lasts for over 25 minutes, attend your nearest Minor Injuries Unit, Walk In Centre or A&E Department.

I had to reach for Jenny’s Tampons this afternoon, as one of the boys was having a nosebleed, caused by (yes surprise surprise) picking his nose. (YUK! My mum used to say if you pick your nose, your brain will fall out, but this is a wee old wives tale) Actually, the tampon worked and stopped the bleed. Funnily enough, sealed Tampons (In their wrapper) are now kept in our First Aid Kits. You never know when they might be handy, for guys or gals! 🙂

One more quick tip for you, have you ever been out; shoes soaked inside and then you need to go out again, but only have 1 set of shoes? If so, place a nappy sack over your sock and insert your foot into the shoe. Now tuck the nappy sack down so you can’t see it hanging over your shoe, and you’re feet will stay nice and dry! I had to use this tip last week!

Secrets And Lies

Sam and I have just had to deal with the aftermath, after one of the kids decided to snitch about everything bad that the other boys have done. (IE: who put glue on the loo seat and who putt a rubber frog in Jenny’s bed, as well as switching her blonde hair dye for Sam’s bottle of black hair dye – Yes Sam dyes the grays) So this caused the kids to have a massive falling out and they have been in really bad moods all afternoon. Of course, mitigating this situation took Sam and I quite a while, but Sam and I finally got the kids to snap out of it.

Of course, we had words with them all, about how it is wrong to snitch and how it is also wrong to gossip[ about other people. Now the kids are back to normal, there is the sound of laughter again.  (Except for balls hitting thee patio doors!)

The Llama Inn (Sims 4)

06-10-17_8-48-58 PM
Front of the Pub, taken from the main road, complete with picnic benches

I have been spending some time with Josh this evening and we have been slowly, (over the last few weeks) demolishing everything in a neighbourhood and redeveloping it as a mini version of our village.

One of the buildings we have been working on, is the local pub, based on our village pub. (using photos of the outside and floor plans from the local Council Planning Portal) The good things about The Sims is, that you can really allow your imagination go wild and design your dream home. So, that’s

06-10-17_8-40-36 PM
The Bar Area from the Pool Room. (It’s still just a bare shell in this picture)

We decided that the bar area would have a very open plan feel, with lots of tables in the main bar area with a dance floor; while along the back of the pub, will be bench seating, with tables.

06-10-17_9-31-34 PM
Games Room

The Games Room has bench seating and a large pool table and darts board.  Towards the back of the building, there are separate male and female toilets, plus there is a kitchen and stair access to the 1st floor and the cellar.

06-11-17_3-46-38 PM
Beer Cellar
06-11-17_3-55-04 PM
Beler Cellar (Laundry view) the side door leads up steps to the outside and the windows are in pits outside, just like a real cellar would be like. The cellar also has water and drainage pipes.
06-10-17_9-56-54 PM
Kitchen Pantry
06-10-17_10-20-55 PM

The Kitchen has it’s own storage room, which contains dry food, as well as the large catering fridge and freezer. The kitchen has all the usual catering equipment, as well as a large cooker and deep fat fryer. To the rear of the kitchen, is a door leading to the Boiler House.

06-11-17_12-49-20 AM
Main Bar Area
06-11-17_12-57-42 AM.png
Lounge Bar Area
06-11-17_1-37-36 AM
Boiler House, complete with a  Boiler, Hot Water Tank and a  Circuit Breaker Panel
06-11-17_1-26-19 AM
Outdoor Smoking Area
06-11-17_1-40-48 AM.png
Beer Garden taken from the smoking area
06-11-17_4-05-46 PM
Updated Main Bar Area
06-11-17_4-17-24 PM
The Bar has also been modernised and looks really  nice now!

Outside, there is a covered smoking area and a large garden, which has tables and chairs, a fountain and kids play area.


Tomorrow, Josh and I are working the upstairs of the pub, so keep an eye on this post for more screenshots!

Kyle x

It’s Friday And The Weekend Starts Here!

Finally the weekend is here, which means I am off work for 2 days as of 7am tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I am at work again. Before work, I went to the weekly disco we do for the kids on a Friday night. We hold it between 7 – 9 in the Gym and Sam does the disco, with Karaoke. It is always a good night, the kids get up and dance, while some get up and sing. Of course, Sam and I get up and sing, along with a couple of the Care Staff and loads of kids! I sang Greenday – Basket Case  and I did a duet with one of the kids, singing Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want, which got the kids singing and dancing along.

Once everyone was in bed,  I went about clearing up the Jets Lounge, but was called away; as someone on Sick Bay was poorly, which required an Ambulance. The child in question will be OK, but getting him checked out in A&E is probably for the best. He’s in the best hands and he has a member of staff from Acorns, who has gone with him. Meanwhile, the shredder in the Sluice Room has been fixed. I won’t go into the details, but we had a dead rat in the pipe, (which had climbed up the pipe and got stuck, as the pipe is full of water, with the steel blades of the shredder above.) As the rat could not turn round or swim backwards, it drowned and the mass caused a blockage in the pipe, causing the machine to back up and flood the Sluice Room, (which is in Sick Bay) Because it would not of been noticeable for a while, staff continued to use the shredder and so the metal drum continued to fill, until it flooded over the top. I have since put a sign in place, which reminds staff to look in the drum of the machine, before putting cardboard urinal bottles, cardboard bed pans or other shredded waste in the machine.

In 10 minutes, we will have a middle of the night Fire Drill. We do 2 fire drills for the Boarders every term. One is usually held early evening or during the day on a weekend, while the other drill is always conducted between 11pn – 3am. (These drills are spaced out through the term) Fire Drills are fun because not only do we have to get everyone out, it also allows staff to practice the evacuation of children that are wheelchair bound. We do this, by using an Evac Chair for those kids in wheelchairs, while those who can walk, are walked down the stairs. In a real fire emergency, we’ll try to evacuate as many kids as we can, until the Fire Brigade arrive. Sam will always come to school, if there is a fire emergency, as he will greet the emergency services, so tonight he’ll be mucking in to get people out the building and into the Gym as quick as we can! (We always take evacuated children down to the Lower Ground Floor, along the link corridor to the doors leading to the Swimming Pool and up the stairs into the Gym)

Once I finish work, I will go hope, have a shower and go to bed. (I usually get up again about 3pm) Then I am taking Josh for a haircut and I got to take one of the boys for new shoes. I hope on Sunday, I can have a chilled out day. Sam’s Mum Linda, always comes on a Sunday and has a roast with us, which is always nice and the kids love her and she loves them.

I hope you all have a great start to your weekend. By 7am, I am going to be knackered!!

Kyle xx

On Night Shift

Morning! Finally, Sam has given me a login for the blog, so I can start posting stuff under my name, instead of using Sam’s account. So I am on the night shift, (10pm – to 7am) so while things are quiet, I decided to go to my office, check my emails and post a quick update.

As I mentioned on my about page, Night shifts are the most fun shifts to work, as you never know what will happen. Tonight has been no exception, as I have had to deal with a backed up shredder in the Sluice, which required Sam to come and clean up. (The smell was rank!) Then I had to go an see a distressed pupil, who had woken up from a really upsetting nightmare. It was a case of taking him into the lounge, making him a hot choc and providing reassurance and a good listening ear. I use it a lot on Josh, when he has nightmares. The hot choc relaxes him and helps him get back to sleep and talking about it get it out his system.  Meanwhile, I have been doing laundry for the Jets Unit.

The weather is crap just now, but it doesn’t bother me, as long as at some point, it stops so I can have a cigarette; that’s a bonus. (But I think there is a wee chance of that happening any time soon!)

Kyle x

Cracking Political Parodies!

Thanks to Josh for showing me these videos on Youtube! Enjoy cracking Theresa may Impressions and Tracy Ullman as Angela Merkel singing 99 Luftballons (Hillerious) and Tracy Ullman as Angela Merkel singing Thge EU Song.

Don’t forget tomorrow to go out and vote – make your opinion count!

Jan Raven as Theresa May

Tracy Ullman as Angela Merkel Singing 99 Luftballons (Hillerious)

Tracy Ullman as Angela Merkel Singing The Brexit Song

Kyle xx

Social Workers Do My Nut! :(

I have just been sat with one of the kids at work, because his social worker has been and really upset him. Social Workers are supposed to help kids, not interrogate them until they break down.

I had contacted Social Services regarding this child, as he won’t eat and we can’t convince him to do so. I was hoping the Social Worker would have a calm conversation with him to try to get to the bottom of this, but instead, she started yelling at him, which started a slanging match and ended up with him storming out. When I asked her what that was all about, she gave me a dirty look and left. (Not very professional!)

I managed to locate the child and got to the bottom of the problem. (Being home sick) I said that not eating is not helping him and if he’s home sick, there are things we can do. Junior House has a Skype in the Care Office, so we can do video calls and there is also the phone, which residents can use on their units.

I have phoned and left a message for this Social Worker’s Manager to call me back, but knowing Social Services, they won’t. This Social Worker is not from our area, but regardless, you would think they learn some bloody manners!

Kyle xx