Karaoke Kapers (With a touch of of Black Velvet)

I have got to admit, Saturday night was the best night I have ever had as a DJ! Not only did we have some fantastic singers, but everyone got up and started dancing and joining in, as you can see in the below video, taken by one of the Punters! (A few of them got together and were singing Alanah Miles – Black Velvet)

It just goes to say, “karaoke is not about if you can sing or not, it’s about having fun and making an arse of yourself in the process!” (As you will see, around a minute into the video!) The Punters were, however, quite rat-arsed by 11:30, as Karaoke, went very very camp, but the 80s tracks being sung were brilliant and had everyone dancing and singing and the landlady dancing on the bar!)

I love the pub I DJ in, it has great customers, friendly staff and a landlady who is mad as a hatter, but you gotta love her really!

Thank you to everyone who made Saturday night so epic, let’s hope we can do the same this weekend!



Funny Downton Pardody

I just had this video posted on my Facebook, which is a parody of Downtown by Petula Clark, renamed “Downton” and is a parody of Downton Abbey, which Sam and I love. (Dame Maggie Smith rocks!) anyway, it’s lead to a new catogory being added to the blog, entitled “Funny YouTube Videos”. I hope you laugh your socks off at this video like I did!