Our Family

Meet the Smith’s and our Extended Family! 

Kyrlo (Aged 7)

Our youngest is Kyrlo. He is 7 years old. Kyrlo originally is from the Ukraine  and was adopted when he was 3. He came over here as a refugee with his mum and dad, but they were then killed in a  car accident and was put up for adoption.

Kyrlo is a bright lad,  who is very into his Lego and has turned one corner of the Living room into his own Lego City! However, it often has attacks from the Wandering Giant Cat! (Sox)

Joshua (Josh) aged 14

Josh is our oldest adopted son and we’ve had him since he was 4. Josh has Aspherger’s Syndrome, which is a type of Autism.

Josh is a avid Manchester United Fan and has been to Old Trafford several times to watch Manchester United play. Josh has a shirt signed by Wayne Rooney, in a frame on his bedroom wall. This is Josh’s most prized possession!

“Tobias” (aka Toby) Aged 9

Toby has been with us for a few years now. Toby is Scottish but was born in England. Kyle and I are in the process of adopting Toby, which will mean we will have 3 adopted children!

Toby is currently recovering from a Kidney Transplant and is currently in a wheelchair, but does not let that stop him from having a normal life. Toby also suffers with Ceribal Pusey.

Toby loves trains and is a member of the School Model Rail Club. He also represents Year 4 on the School Council.

Zach Aged 7

Zach comes to us at weekends and during the holidays, on Respite. Zach has been receiving respite with us for the last  year and really enjoys coming to stay with us.

Zach is another Lego lover and helps Kyrlo with his Lego city, when he comes to stay. He also was born with one blue eye and one green eye. This is called Hecterochromia

Linda (Sam’s Mum)

LindaLinda is Sam’s Mum and is now retired. She used to be one of the Sisters on Sick Bay and is still very much part of our school, as she volunteers on one of the units.

Linda looks after the house for us and does the laundry and cleaning, as well as making the kids tea, during the week.

Steve (Sam’s Stepdad)

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Steve is Sam’s Stepdad and is married to Sam’s Mum Linda. Steve is an avid gardener and has very green fingers. He mows the garden for Sam and Kyle, during the summer months.

Steve is an avid Arsenal supporter.


Angus and Jackie (Kyle’s Parents)

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Jackie and Angus are Kyle’s Parents. Jackie and Angus live in Aberdeen and enjoy long walks and chilling out.

Angus also likes to play golf and also likes to sail his boat on the Lochs. Jackie likes to knit and regularly knits mittens and hats for the Special Baby Unit at the local hospital.

Jenny (Live In Carer)


Jenny is our Live In Carer and helps Kyle and Sam with the care of our kids. She’s the modern version of Mary Poppins, without the magic tricks. (She can’t slide up the banister either)

The kids adore Jenny, apart from when she is telling them off. She’s great with bedtime stories and “does the voices,” which makes story so much more fun.

Jenny is the expert pair of hands, which helps Sam and Kyle with the care of the kids. They would be lost without her help!

People often say that she looks like Lucy Alexander off Homes Under The Hammer!

Sox (Our Tabby Cat)


Sox is our cat and is not your average moggy. He has helped the kids through many crisis and also he’s always been there when the kids need him. The kids know if they can’t come to Sam, Kyle or Jenny, they can turn to Sox. The best part is that he will not judge you, he will listen to you, he wont tell you what to do and he will never tell anyone what has been said. The kids have said that Sox is a very special friend to them. He loves anyone that makes a fuss about him and has a fetish for bags. There have been many Social Workers who have had Sox climb into their bag! We are not sure why he does this, but it is funny!

Sox is also a “PAT” (Pets as Therepy) Cat and often comes into school, where he is pampered by the boarders and staff. (He loves all the attention btw)

Sox is a short hair Tabby and is 8 years old. He’s a big kitten at heart though! He likes to play with pens and shoe laces! He has several “Cat Igloos” round the house, where he can go and get some peace, when the kids are being rowdy.



Mollie is our dog and is a Rough Collie. (Lassie Dog) She’s a very bright and bubbly dog. She’s 13 and still has plenty of life in her. She loves her “Smachos” which are jerky treats.

The kids love Mollie and she loves them. Kyrlo has a very special bond with Mollie and he spends lots of time with her. The only time Mollie gets 5 mins to herself, is when the kids are at school.

However, the kids know to leave her be, if she goes in her bed. At night, she can be found curled up on the end of one of the boys beds. We are not sure how she decided whos bed to go on each night, but the boys all get to have her on the end of her bed, at least once a week. We didn’t teach her to jump up on the ends of the boys beds, she did that herself. We think that she has “maternal feelings” towards the boys, especially when she decides to give them a good wash!

Not many people know this, but Mollie is blind. She was born this way, but has never stopped her having a normal life. She uses her nose to see where she is going and can manage stairs, the garden or when out for a walk.

Rough Collies are well known for the way the communicate. Mollie uses “silly noises,” which is a high pitched cry to tell you what they want. If one of the boys is crying, she uses a cry that almost sounds like she is howling to let us know something is wrong. If she wants to go to the loo, she will whine to tell you. When you ask her if she needs a wee, she usually barks and runs to the door. At night, she uses her nose to open Mine and Sam’s bedroom door and will whine. If one of us doesn’t wake up, she will then get on her back legs and paw you until you wake up.

Mollie is Kennel Club Registered and comes from a long line of Kennel Club Registered Rough Collies.

On our study wall, we have lots of pictures of Mollie, the boys have drawn over the years, including pictures drawn by the many kids Sam and I have fostered over the years and kids at work. We also have a whole wall of Sox pictures and pictures of Sam and I, the kids have drawn. Mollie is also a Pets as Therepy Dog and comes into school, along with Sox, to visit the units, every week. (Different days of course)