What Would You Do?

I had to run to the local Tesco, to get some cough medicine for the kids (as everyone in the house at some point has had this nasty summer cold going around) and Kyle needed a few Monster Energy Drinks for his early shift tomorrow. My goods cost just over £8 and I had put a tenner into the self service checkout. Thankfully I clicked yes for a receipt, as the machine spat out £1.20 change, instead of 15p.  So what would you do?…

One scenerio was to not say anything and pocket the money, but this in a way would be shoplifting, as I technically wouldn’t of paid  for some of my goods. The other was to be honest and tell the store. I decided to tell the store assistant, who got the Manager. I was thanked for my honesty, as I could’ve just kept my god shut and walked out.

So what would you do? Feel free to comment below.